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Slip into the hypersonic vortex of Peach Giraffe’s latest experimental track, Intertwined

Peach Giraffe’s new single, “Intertwined,” is a masterful blend of skate punk, hyper-pop, trap nuances, and a touch of Arcade Fire, creating a vortexical kaleidoscope of avant-garde electronica. The grungy and antagonised vocal lines sink into this eclectic mix, stitching “Intertwined” with a mind-altering amalgam of aural aesthetics.

This daring combination cements Peach Giraffe as one of the most bold, indomitable, and fearlessly innovative artists in the alternative music scene. As genre lines blur in “Intertwined,” Peach Giraffe’s commitment to sonically visualising emotional themes shines through. The single is a lyrically poetic exposition of a relationship where distance doesn’t necessitate disconnection, despite the ambiguous parameters that could easily send the mind into a spiral with too much contemplation.

Peach Giraffe’s approach to music is an unforced journey of experimentation, spanning over a decade. His process involves piecing together a puzzle of sounds and ideas, driven not by genre constraints but by spontaneous inspiration. “Intertwined” is a testament to this organic and free-flowing approach to music creation. It’s a track that doesn’t just fit into the alternative music scene; it stands out as a bold statement of Peach Giraffe’s unique and unbridled creativity.

Intertwined reached the airwaves on March 10; stream the official music video on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Peach Giraffe scorns the sands of time in his grungy lo-fi indie gem, Running Out of Time

Running Out of Time by Peach Giraffe is a lo-fi indie gem that marries the raw, emotionally charged vocal delivery of Kurt Cobain with a lighter, more melodic instrumental arrangement, which creates an entrancing dichotomy between the visceral vocal expression and the gentle yet complex, guitar work. The track is bound to captivate listeners drawn to the music of AJJ, Roar, Vundabar, and The Mountain Goats.

Peach Giraffe’s approach to music production—treating each recording session like assembling pieces of a puzzle—lends the track a sense of organic cohesion that’s both intimate and relatable. With genre conventions cast aside, the independent singer-songwriter channels pure and spontaneous creativity, evident in the sound and lyrical expression alike.

The lyrical content is a thoughtful reflection on the ephemeral nature of existence. The way Peach Giraffe intertwines the desperation of time slipping away with the soothing instrumentals is a beautiful contrast that keeps delivering the consolation, regardless of how many times you hit repeat.

Watch the lyric video for Running Out of Time via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Peach Giraffe is dejectedly wayward bound in their dissonantly sweet indie single, Take Me Home

Finding the wavy lo-fi middle ground between Nirvana and Elliott Smith, the latest single, Take Me Home, from the DIY indie originator, Peach Giraffe, is a soporifically sweet visualisation of the desire to be enveloped in the irreplicable comfort of home.

In spite of the succinctness of the instrumental arrangement, led by the definitively 90s indie guitars, the single is underpinned by a precariously resonant state of unease that anyone who has a proclivity towards detachment and disassociation will find themselves connecting to.

After this installation of enticing artfulness and expressive candour from Peach Giraffe, our breath is bated for the next authentically raw hit from the artist who holds little loyalty to genres in his fluid discography, constructed by their desire to create whatever comes to mind with minimal inhibition.

Take Me Home was officially released on July 7th; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Peach Giraffe has released the angst-rife industrial earworm of the year with ‘NUMB!’

NUMB! is the latest scuzzy industrial pop track from the caustically indulgent alternative artist, Peach Giraffe; it is a no-wave league ahead of the current garage punk trend and easily one of the most authentic alt-rock hits to have hit the airwaves so far in 2022

If any track has what it takes to unite fans of Fidlar, $uicideboy$, and Skinny Puppy, it is the angst-rife earworm, NUMB! The tumultuous triumph of a single succeeds in lyrically and sonically depicting the frenetic and fraught emotions that broil to the surface when a relationship delipidates. The clever touches to the production and the vocal FX stand as a testament to Peach Giraffe’s ingenuity. They have exactly what it takes to go viral. Watch this space.

NUMB! is now available to stream via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Way In: Peach Giraffe wants much more on the emotionally-charged electronic track ‘Hate Letting Go’

As he screams in potent disgust for being pushed outside that is much to his annoyance, Peach Giraffe puts it all on the line as he strives to find that elusive way back no matter what on ‘Hate Letting Go‘.

Peach Giraffe is a Midland, Texas-based indie electronic singer-songwriter artist and music producer. He makes that raw edged music that cuts deep into your perspective, and has you looking further inside his state of mind.

I make music that I would love to hear. I usually just make whatever I’m feeling or what I hear in my head.” – Peach Giraffe

You feel his disappointment for being let outside into the cold when he wanted things to be stronger than before. His mind swirls wickedly with confusion as to the reasons – as he swarms on the mic with an agitated attitude – that shows his hunger for redemption.

Hate Letting Go‘ from the Midland, Texas-based musician Peach Giraffe, is the story of being unhappy with what transpired and doing whatever was required, to make them understand that you are not accepting this outcome. This is a full-paced single that has your heart beating rather quicker than before, as you turn up the volume to capture his mood and dig further to understand his raw vocals.

The single has you thinking about when you were thrown to the wolves – took your bruises and frostbite – and came back to see where you went wrong, so you could make amends as you can’t let go yet. A fiery and determined mindset, is the way forward in any situation.

Stream this exciting new single on YouTube and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen