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Chasing that soulful realness: Carlos Rising is a guiding light for us all on new single ‘Peacemaker’

Carlos Rising rises above the current doom and gloom of the world with a new single that shines a light on what is good on ‘Peacemaker‘.

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Carlos Rising is such a blessing to listen to and he brings his faith with him to build a pure bridge for us to walk on, and feel safer. These times need leaders to stand up and this is a man who is donating 100% of the earnings made from this song, to help two of his best friends on their missionary work in San Jose, Costa Rica.

His voice is so real and determined. This is a man who is a skilled guitarist and you can hear all his experience intertwined in his deep lungs and flexible fingers, the melodies are a true singer-songwriter’s artwork that pursues only peace and love. His lyrics are only promoting the pure energy that is so lacking; in this over-fast and compare-based world that needs a reset.

With a John Mayer type voice, this is an original artist who shows how compassion and love can win over all the hate and darkness. This triumphs over all and role models like this need to be appreciated as this will end up being a timeless song, rather than a cheesy fad that goes off in the sun.

Peacemaker‘ from Carlos Rising¬†is a track that has your back when you need it most and this is one of the most genuine releases of 2020 that deserves so much love. Peace and love is what this world needs more of.

Find a quiet place to fully experience a master at work on Spotify. See his social adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen