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Seattle psychotropic duo Thee Simulation drops weighty new single TRAIL OF DEAD KINGS


Experimenting with diverse dark atmospheric compositions and digging through those powerfully constructed canyon walls, Thee Simulation has led us into the ominously described TRAIL OF DEAD KINGS which might put startled bones into a shiver-layered fantasy to terrify the living daylights out of most humans.

Thee Simulation is a Seattle, Washington-based duo that creates psychotropic musically inspired exorcisms with Colin Dawson and producer/engineer Paul Walsh navigating the choppy waters of potential doom.

Soaking blood-drenched desiccated limbs into tunnels many would rather avoid without a second of thought, Thee Simulation has gruesomely eaten a hole into innocent hearts. Previous calmness has been radiated out of place with some aplomb on this haunting creation made for only the brave.

TRAIL OF DEAD KINGS from Seattle’s Thee Simulation¬†is a totally back-spasm-like experience which has put the universe on notice. If you love to be frightened and like to find out where demons live, this is for you.

Tortured to the core and bursting through with a magnetic appeal, Thee Simulation peels back the dusty curtains and has made a modern-day evocative classic to consume greedily.

Listen up on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen