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Waiting For Tomorrow: Paul Hand prays for that strength to block those lonely nights away on Mind Give Way

Finding that hard-to-find inner force to move on from the past and those torrid memories, Paul Hand joins paths with the good parts of his soul to see that bright light of progression make everything better again on Mind Give Way.

Paul Hand is a Manchester, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with a timeless style and keeps it classy throughout.

Pulsating with a catchy energy and filled with so much promise, Paul Hand is in rarified air with a cloud-jumping single about finding that ideal zone to flourish like the birds in the sky. This is a quality listen and is drenched in rather pure vocals to get thrilled about.

Mind Give Way from Manchester, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer Paul Hand is the call to soak into that happy path again and move from the rain-clouds within. Searing with a likeable sound and filled with introspective lyrics, this is a stylish release from a gritty artist who doesn’t know how to give up.

When you get your mind back to the proper place, you can move mountains.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen