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Be So Free: Patty Duffey and Amelia Earnshaw cherish that genuine friendship on There

Powered by Performers on the Go and surrounded by so much love and grace, Patty Duffey joins forces with the beautiful vocals of 20-year-old singer songwriter Amelia Earnshaw on the magnificent new single to hold hands with called There.

Patty Duffey is an indie pop artist who loves to collaborate with other artists all over the world and makes those genuine gems to hold on tightly with.

About the extreme power of friendship, and how best friends can help get you through anything and everything and are forever present through thick and thin. Their doors are always open, and during the highs and lows they somehow know how to make things better at times when it is most needed. They protect all that is said, “every word and motion sacred (verse 1).” ~ Patty Duffey and Performers on the Go

Soaring with so much kindness and a pure care which is so rare to hear these days, Patty Duffey has created a superb song to hug with all day long. Full of life and brimming with a lively energy to feel uplifted by, we find a truly wound-healing song of much importance for the world to feel safer inside.

There from much-loved indie artist Patty Duffey is such a stunning single which washes away the self-doubt and brings in so much loving sunlight. Eternally connected and showing us how that I-have-your-back-forever mentality really is the best, no matter if it’s a good or bad day.

Even if you are used and feel so down, that best friend is always there if you make a call.

Listen up to this terrific single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen