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Take Me: Rise Carmine finds the truth we need to know about on ‘Down’

Formally known as Patiohawk, Rise Carmine teams up with Grammy award-winning producer Dave Schiffman to take us on a groovy journey down under the sea with a terrific new single called ‘Down‘.

Liam Colbert aka Rise Carmine, is a talented Toronto-bred multi-instrumentalist and Berklee College of Music graduate. He is a rule bender who lights up where others hide the fire away, as he makes that spark-fueled music that certainly has your attention lifted to places you didn’t know possible before.

Rise Carmine strives to find the balance between a well-written song and a dazzling brand of showmanship, between a chorus that you can sing along to and dual-guitar-harmony heroics that harken back to a time of tighter pants and longer hair.” – Rise Carmine

The production here is world class and you feel like you are floating underwater in peace – looking around like a treasure hunter but not searching for gold – only clues to what life is really supposed to be about. With vocals that are supremely translucent and fills your ears with so much hope, this is a song that you will want to play again and again.

Down‘ from the top notch Toronto, Canada multi-instrumentalist Rise Carmine, is a spacey song filled with that busting bass-filled melody, that has you feeling so chilled and supremely curious. This is a story about finding the truth inside yourself, whilst taking someone close with you, who isn’t afraid of the swirling seas for a while.

Finding out that elusive truth is the only way to being truly free inside your hungry soul, that yearns for more than what the world offers currently.

See the new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen