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Indigo Hush’s ”Drugs Are For The Weekend” is a sobering story of love and addiction

The rush of the crowd, the smoke filled energy of the party combined with the feeling of being a part of something special. This is the vibe that most of us feel when we could go out, before quarantine days of course. Indigo Hush is a new act on the scene that paints us a picture of how it feels when the party all ends. This is reality.

With a dark & moody energy, ”Drugs Are For The Weekend” is a song that should warn us of getting a bit too deep into the party scene. It has a bleak undertone and Indigo Hush hits the nail on the head with his experiences and ultimately delivers a commendable track with a haunting beat that is executed perfectly for the song.

Drugs Are For The Weekend” is a sobering tale from new Indie Electro artist Indigo Hush as he takes us on a journey through the chipped paint walls of the local club featuring fake friends, showing us how it feels to like someone but only to lose all feeling of attraction when the drugs get a bit too much. Designed for the weekend, temptation takes over and the artist methodically and painfully accepts his fate, concluding that it isn’t really worth it.

Stream this and more from Indigo Hush on his Spotify channel.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Brazilian Bass boost by Cardinal’s ”Leviathan”

Barely two months old and based in Belgium, Cardinal¬†are an exciting electronic act that is hot on the scene. Created during COVID-19, they have just released their 4th single called ”Leviathan”. It’s a bass hungry beat with hardly any vocals and pumps out the speakers to satisfying levels.

A real hard house kind of song that would be popular while playing to packed dance floors at 3:30am in the morning, with sweaty revelers during a summer party. This is guaranteed to be played loud and proud.

Cardinal from Belgium drops their 4th single called ”Leviathan” and it’s an eye-popping surge back down memory lane on this one. With Brazilian hard house beats and a trance feel, they have created a sound that is already popular but have added their own twist to proceedings. Being a new act, they have some catching up to do but with the speed of their releases, are making up for lost time.

Stream more of this instrumental right here on their bass boosted YouTube channel so you can fire up your day.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen