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Parsley Palette releases single Who Gives A Fuk feat Danny

Young music producer and instrumentalist Parsley Palette releases latest single ‘Who Gives A Fuk’ feat Danny infusing the sounds of Elctro, Synth and Pop.

Kicking off with that eerily shrill sound that flows in the background, as the techno melody begins to take the lead, introducing a rather synthesized voice that starts the track off as the vocals come in, in a rather abrupt way, having a rather gravelly tone to them, giving it that upbeat tone as the melody begins to kick in with that more Drum and Bass element, to get you moving, the vocals get higher and everything gets a little crazier.

Towards the middle the tone of voice becomes very distorted and starts to fade in and out, as the lyrics begin to enter that repetitive approach, then the upbeat energetic rhythm comes flying back in. There’s a lot going on within a short amount of time, but that doesn’t sway away from the fact it’s intriguing to listen too and hear each element that has been put into it.

Be sure to check out this one by producer Parsley Palette ft Danny.

Listen to Parsley Palette Who Gives A Fuk ft Danny by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall