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The Euro Disco Claws Are Out in Miron’s Latest Single, Long Nails

With synth lines that will speak to your rhythmic pulses as fluently as the ones that made New Order’s single, Blue Monday, so iconic, the latest single, Long Nails, from the Parisian purveyor of dance-rock, Miron, is strong enough to bring in a new wave of exhilarant gloomy electronica.

The singer-songwriter has become one of the freshest parts of the Parisian touring circuit fabric with his high-energy live shows; his Euro disco hits resonate just as well on the airwaves for the way his authentic vocal lines command your attention while the synthetics lure you into sonically hedonist escapism.

He may not have reinvented the wheel with Long Nails, but he has certainly engraved his signature into it while ensuring the familiarity of his earworm never came at a compromise to his expressive autonomy.

“I wanted to explore a different genre and bring in some fresh elements, while still staying true to my sound. The 80s influence in this track represents a time that has always fascinated me. I wanted to bring that feeling back and share it with my listeners”.

Long Nails is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Parisian electro-pop icon Andrea Dee lit an alchemically emboldened fire under her single, Be Her

Andrea Dee

If you can imagine what it would sound like if Breach and Bjork collaborated on a record, you can get an idea of the fiery aural alchemy contained in the latest electro-pop hit, Be Her, from the trailblazingly magnetic songwriter and producer Andrea Dee.

The single, co-produced by Aaron Knight, is slick with unfuckwithable attitude that Andrea Dee pulls off flawlessly. The unapologetic celebration of her own autonomy becomes as infectious and addictive as the lyrical hook that reprises through the stormer of an earworm, “It’s music that makes me be her”. I can totally relate.

With the bi-lingual lyrics bringing euro dance flavour to the mix that also found room for indie funk guitar licks, the Parisian singer-songwriter affirmed that she’s got a place in the industry – and it is way above the underground.

Be Her will officially release on March 24th. Hear it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Life is but a melancholic dream in ALCHA’s candied cinematic alt-pop debut, Steady

‘Steady’ is stylishly cinematic alt-pop debut from the Parisian singer-songwriter, composer, and producer ALCHA (Alec Chassain), who amassed ample creative inspiration during his time in London before getting to work on his introspective dream pop project in 2021.

With the melodies containing blisters of Beach House and a touch of Grandaddy, ALCHA orchestrated a refreshingly original soundscape to pour his uninhibitedly honest vocals into, which will undoubtedly be a hit with any fans of John Grant. Although, admittedly, ALCHA boasts infinitely more affability than John Grant in his nuancedly quirky vocal delivery that rings with a sting of melancholy. Yet, Steady is the ultimate testament to his ability to pull luminous creativity out of dark spaces. If Steady doesn’t give you a soft spot for ALCHA, you’re officially made of stone.

Steady was officially released on November 4th. It is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast