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Jenna Louise started a riot of affectionate fervour in her pop-rock hit, You’re Still the One

Harmonising in the middle ground between Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Paramore, Jenna Louise’s latest fire-branded pop-punk anthem, You’re Still the One, is a riot of affectionate fervour, which proves that few people love harder or are as uninhibited with their candour as the UK-based singer-songwriter.

Released ahead of her debut LP, My Journey, which had been five years in the making before its launch on March 4th, You’re Still the One is the perfect introduction to Jenna Louise’s hook-rife sonic signature that will be scribing through your mind for long after the high-octane hit has faded to a close following the augmented magnetic energy that she keeps a tight rhythmic leash on throughout the production.

The Springsteen-esque riffs that frequently decorate the track with rock-licked euphoria tie the earworm together and bring even more power to the release which reveres romantic connections that prove even after you’ve weathered storms and hit the rocks, passion doesn’t need to falter.

You’re Still the One is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Isla de Luca redefined the femme fatale archetype in her provocatively liberating alt-pop hit, I Already Am One

Isla de Luca riotously fucked the gender binary with the launch of her debut alt-pop single, I Already Am One. With the rock licks augmenting the pop hooks and injecting them with adrenaline, the NYC icon staked a serious claim in the pop domain. After ensnaring just about everyone who crosses her on TikTok and Instagram, she’s more than ready to demurely dominate the airwaves with her scintillating synthesis of electronica, pop and rock.

While trad wives are falling over themselves to appease the male gaze as their sole aim in life, Isla de Luca has asserted herself as an indomitable queer pop icon with the refrain “I don’t need a rich man, I already am one”. It’s a subversive twist to die for and to live for. Through her mission to rip up the exploitative tropes around desire and empower others to embrace their provocative power, she stands just as tall as Kathleen Hanna in the feminist landscape.

If you thought femme fatales were all about seduction, feel the vindication cascading from Isla de Luca’s flawlessly electrifying vocal lines and realise the liberation of living as the archetype in their villain era.

For fans of MARINA, Paramore and Sophie, this single isn’t one you want to sleep on.

I Already Am One will be available to stream from February 16. Stream it and follow Isla de Luca on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Clear the cobwebs of contempt with Laura Musgrave’s pop-rock hit, Rent Free

As rock ‘n’ roll as Joan Jett, as infectious as Taylor Momsen, as authentically captivating as conceivably possible, Laura Musgrave has the talent, charisma and songwriting chops to put the music industry at her feet after she released her latest single, Rent Free.

The track efficaciously alludes to how cutting ties with someone is only the first stage of letting go, making sure that they’re no longer living rent-free inside your mind and unshackling yourself from the anger which only serves to hurt you is a far harder feat. With this electrifyingly unforgettable track on your playlists, you’ll find all the motivation you need to clear the cobwebs of contempt.

We can’t wait to hear the latest installation of confessional guitar-driven pop-rock from the award-winning artist who picked up the International Female Singer of the Year award at the 2023 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards in Atlanta.

Rent Free was officially released on October 13; get your kicks from it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Glenna Jane released the most cerebral indie pop hit of the summer with ‘Late Bloomer’

Indie rock got into the sheets of hook-filled bedroom pop with Glenna Jane’s latest single, Late Bloomer. With the high-octane energy of Paramore, the intimacy of Mitski and the absorbing gravitas of Phoebe Bridgers, Late Bloomer is set to take Glenna Jane’s career to stratospheric new heights.

Late Bloomer lyrically delivers a fatal shot to the kinds of fuckboys who use words as a means to an end instead of an expression of the truth to deliver visceral resonance to anyone who can relate to the line “I don’t like you as much when we talk, and you say you’re in love, I know you’re just lying to get inside me”.

And that is just the tip of the crucifying iceberg in Late Bloomer, which Glenna Jane used to embolden herself and her audience through vindicatingly honest candour. The poetically meta propensities of Late Bloomer made the single the most cerebral hit of the summer. We can’t wait to hear where the Brooklyn-based storyteller takes her sharp wit next as she continues to embody the complexity of identity, intimacy and attachment.

Stream Late Bloomer from July 7th on SoundCloud and Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pop-Punk trailblazer, Brooklyn Belton, unveiled the ultimate adversity aftercare anthem, Just Fine

Starting with an instant hook that sounds like it came straight out of the Bowling for Soup arsenal, the debut single, Just Fine, from the Ohio pop-punk trailblazer, Brooklyn Belton, effortlessly became one of our favourite alt-rock earworms of 2023 so far.

With an instrumental arrangement so tight it is practically corseted, Brooklyn Belton polished the punk rock genre with her anthemic slice of stellar songwriting, which won’t fail to leave you galvanised for the way the exhilarant guitars wrap around her lyrics that compel you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and deal with the cards of adversity your autonomy has dealt you.

When the chorus comes around, you’ll lose yourselves in the euphoric energy while simultaneously finding yourself in the candid introspection that perceptibly oozes from the wounds of a personal battle.

Just Fine hit the airwaves on April 14. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Make Rachael Wood’s latest single, Be Mine, your summer pop-rock playlist staple

Rachael Wood

‘Be Mine’ is the latest pop-rock earworm released by up and coming artist Rachael Wood, she may have only made her debut during the 2020 lockdown, but her sound readily oozes sonic finesse.

After the Paramore and Pale Waves-Esque choruses, Rachael Wood finds space to exhibit the versatility of her style through Slash-style soaring guitar solos that won’t fail to leave you arrested as you appreciate the bluesy sleazy grit in the otherwise sticky sweet-soundscape.

With her distinctive voice bringing an intimate indie feel to the release paired with the powerful melodic hooks, Be Mine is a radio-ready track that easily sets itself apart from the rest.

You can check out Be Mine via Spotify; for more ways to listen, head over to her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jaice – The Seasons: R&B & Alternative Rock, Like Hand in Glove

It’s been pretty quiet on the new music front from SoCal Singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Jaice, which is pretty tragic following on from the success of his debut track The Seasons.

The Seasons was one of those rare tracks, that lets you know you’re never going to hear a similar one to it in a lifetime, the eclectic mix of sounds makes for an ambiently uplifting track thanks to Jaice’s Classic, Alternative Rock, R&B and Hip Hop influences which include an unlikely mix of Paramore, James Morrison & Kenna, it was all squeezed into his uniquely compelling track. Just the amount of vocal progression in the track is astonishing before you even start to contemplate the mix of urban sound with the alternative in an infusion that has never been concocted before.

I’m pretty stoked to see what Jaice has in the pipelines after his promise to craft each song to stand in its own genre.

Check out The Seasons on SoundCloud using the link below:

Jaice is planning to drop a new track every month, check out his website to keep up to date with his latest music:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Frantic Endeavor – 2+2: Girls To The Front

2+2 is the standout track from the debut EP by Frantic Endeavor in which the band incorporated a nostalgic sense of Pop Punk Clamour. As you’d expect the track is packed full of tight riffs and resonance along with an infinite offering of flawless drumrolls, to put it simply it’s a masterpiece of percussion fronted by female vocalist Lexie Lacock, who invokes a strong familiarity to singers such as Taylor Swift & Hayley Williams from Paramore. Yet as a whole, the sound that the talented collective of musicians has achieved is something like you’ve never heard before, each of the 6 musicians has a radically unique stance on their sound, the mix allows them to create the ultimate Post-Rock sound.

The Massachusetts based band Frantic Endeavor take their inspiration from acts such as Blind Revision, Among the Cypress & Summer Street to create their spell-binding, Progressive Rock sound.

Check out Frantic Endeavors latest track 2+2 via YouTube using the link below:

You can also stay up to date with the bands latest releases and tours by following them on Facebook:


Trailed by a captivating overall musical performance which was further adorned with a catchy electro-pop sound that leaves one twirling and swirling to its gracious vibe, Night Ride really proved that they are still belligerent, camera-ready and more focused to reach the zenith of their music career in their sojourn thus far. This duo is the next best thing to happen to the Electro-pop music industry.

No, this is not like the usual drudge we do take in with a hard pinch of salt, It only takes 3 seconds out 4 minutes total play time of this amazing song for you to be entrapped and unfurled into a forever porch light of beautiful reverie.

So out goes the pop-electro-rock hybrid; which in its place sits a broad EDM party mix that initially manifested itself as One Republic pastiche on a subtle tale of unrequited love and emotional trauma. It’s exactly when the beam of awesomely pitched melody and amazing sexy vocals entwines with the synth-pop vibe of this song that its power of transfixion sets in.

The accentuate music group; Night Ride, is an electronic pop duo embracing synth-pop and rock, and fusing it with theatre, fashion, technology and art which creates a comfort zone that feels genuine.

Night Ride band draws their inspiration on this song from the tale of their sexual experience and couple of situation-ships which isn’t really what you would likely notice at the first listen since the vibe would rather make you pay less attention to the lyrics of the song. This also further backed up the reason why their music influencers happen to be the likes The Weeknd, CHVRCHES, Grimes, GusGus, and Paramore.

As the first track to be released from their forthcoming E.P. ‘Neon Dreams’, Lay You Down gives a good insight of what to expect from the up and coming duo and I simply hope they’d surpass my imagination just like they did in this song when I eventually get my hands on their EP album when it’s released.

A north star in a psychedelic milky way is the overriding theme of Night Ride’s “Lay You Down”. Everything was more than I expected. Simply put, It was nothing short of class and quality.

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