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Nicholas Hennink releases moving single Warriors: ‘A tribute to first responders’

Nicholas Henninks poignant track ‘Warriors: A tribute to first responders’ is truly astounding in so many ways.

A Paramedic and Singer/Songwriter who began his musical journey during his childhood, he embraced his acoustic guitar and created inspirational lyrics making his name well known in his homeland Cape Town, South Africa.

He creates music that gives those a voice of hope and the ability to be able to speak up about how they feel. It’s hard rock at it’s finest, his voice has this roar emotion behind it and it gives the track a whole different meaning, it’s so overpowering and hooks you in within the first few seconds.

It shares this heartbreaking story of what it’s like to be a first responder and the devastating things they have to go through daily. Nicholas has these compelling vocals, the word ‘Warriors’ is one that stands out from the rest, the overall sound gets heavier as he wants the audience to hear the most important parts.

Be sure to check out Nicholas Hennicl’s track and moving music video by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall