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Parallel World

Annava & Calmea delivered a hypersonic K-Pop/Hip-Hop mash-up with their infectiously fresh single, PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド

For his latest single, PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド, the US record producer and DJ Annava fused his beats with the razor-sharp bars of rapper Calmea to orchestrate a hypersonic earworm drenched in infectiously fresh K-Pop flavour. The distinction within the production was all too fitting with the titular theme; within parallel worlds, few things are completely uniform; this is inventively visualised within the arrangement and the authenticity of the track.

With Annava’s discography delivering everything from happy hardcore to hyper pop, the unleashing of PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド was an unexpected move, but one which notably resonated with his growing fanbase who can’t tear themselves away from the energy he brings to every release. By blending exhilaration with melodic precision, the up-and-coming artist is making a name for himself on the airwaves and beyond.

PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast