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Facing your demons head on: ‘Paradox’ from New Jersey musician Kevin Grace is the call to heal from within

New Jersey Alt-Rock singer Kevin Grace drops his debut ‘Paradox’ and this is a song to take notice of. The melodic kick drums starts up our blood flow again as we slip out of that lazy slumber that has befallen most of the world. You get the feeling that this is going to be something very deep and ultimately worthwhile. This is proven absolutely correct as Kevin’s gritty vocals are so real when you needed this sense of authenticity so much to give the battered soul a gold medal for once.

You feel the harmony and the sadness here but there is hope attached which makes this is an inspirational listen. The guitar’s electricity swirls around like a crashing sea, the lifeboat is ready and you just need to swim for a while to clear your mind from the smoke, booze and temptations that are sometimes too easy to say no. The journey to self-enlightenment is here and you feel that he wants it so badly. He is ready now and takes us along to see the sunrise that is so close to his eyes.

To fully heal and destroy those dastardly demons from your heart, you need the support of those close to you as you will need a hand from time to time as the reappear like a ghost in the night. Ultimately, you have to be the captain on this vessel and lead the way. It’s your life after all and ‘Paradox’ from Kevin Grace is a splendid self-aware song for modern times. To be the best version of yourself is hard work but the only way to be at peace with yourself and smile when you see yourself in the mirror. Hiding away is not an option anymore.

Support the journey on Kevin’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen