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No longer lost: Papa Roy Foundation slay the speakers with excellent dance debut ‘Say’

Taken off their upcoming album ‘Out of the Darkness‘, Papa Roy Foundation move from lost recordings treasure hunters to impressive musicians, on the bolt-busting debut track called ‘Say‘.

Papa Roy Foundation are an electrifying four-piece UK based dance/pop act featuring Rouge, Skxllzy, Marc and Papa Roy. They spark up hot with a force field of bright lava juices, that was inspired by finding some lost recordings which only makes this debut even more special.

After getting their name and heartfelt inspiration from Polynesian mythology, Papa Roy Foundation is fulfilling the ancient myths with a spiritual experience from the first second. They have the ability to somehow capture your mind and race in with beats so dynamic, you will need to take an extra breath to recover.

”Papa a form of greeting a close friend in some South American countries. Papa also means father and in Polynesian mythology it means Mother earth. It is also mentioned that it appeared from French papa in the 1600’s and also from Latin papa, originally a reduplicated child’s word, similar to Greek pappa.”- Papa Roy Foundation

This is the sweet story about meeting someone who makes your heart beat so fast, they are so lovable you want them to stay forever and say what is on their mind. Times are good right now and you keep on skipping heartbeats, as you feel that they could be the one.

Say‘ from Papa Roy Foundation is that specially sauced happy music that bonds your body together and heals all worries away like the wind. Seek enough and you will find enough.

Hear this earthy wonder on Spotify and catch their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen