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PANDDA delivers smooth, steady alt-RnB sincerity with their latest single ‘Rose Gold’

There was no forgetting PANDDA after being introduced to their futuristic approach to RnB pop in 2018 through their single ‘Ultimatum’, no RnB artist has been able to parallel their perfect balance of expression and accessibility either.

Their latest sticky-sweet earworm, ‘Rose Gold’, proves just how right we were to get excited about PANDDA’s melodically fresh sound. This time, it’s the lyrics which bowled us over. Usually, RnB tracks released around Valentine’s day work like TV adverts which sell us insecurity and insignificance. PANDDA completely obliterated that narrative with lyrics such as “you really don’t need nobody else, doing just fine by yourself, if there’s anything you want you can buy it yourself, if there’s anywhere you wanna go, fly yourself”.

The smooth and steady vocals allow the lyrics to resound with sincerity, the matter-of-fact meditative delivery makes it impossible to argue with the introspection.

Rose Gold is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

PANDDA & Young Drumma join forces for Hip Hop and R&B laced ”Emotions”

PANDDA was born in Fayetteville, Georgia. He now calls his Orlando his home. and has moved up to near the top of the Hip Hop ranks. I like how he wants to take out the materialism in the music game and this effort must be appreciated.

The song is well-produced and I like the feature from Young Drumma as he spits truth bombs on this one that deserves our eyes and ears. This lyrical ability from PANDDA is very easy to see and he rhymes about real like stories. Life is emotional so we need to keep out cool when the pressure is at it’s highest.

Emotions” is a tight track and these two make a good team. This could be the call for a new sound in the world as we move past what was old and slide in the new future music stars. A new dawn is here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen