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Pan De Muerto conjured darkwave sonic sorcery in ‘Shadow Woman’

Make no mistake, the only thing spectral about Pan de Muerto’s single “Shadow Woman” is the ephemeral female protagonist that will cast her spell on any listeners who sink into this scintillating synthesis of alt-rock, metal, and gothic post-punk.

The grungy Eddie Vedder-esque vocals over an atmosphere that could easily have been of Sisters of Mercy’s conjuring is affecting from start to finish. Darkwave singles rarely come as rhythmically heavy as this immersively beguiling rejection of material reality which pulls you into its haunted core, leaving you aching to bear witness to more installations of black magic alchemy conjured by the ultimate aural polymaths who have exactly what it takes to invoke their way out of their niche and into the alt-rock mainstream.

This Memphis-based band have become renowned for their blends of alternative rock with gothic, metal, and classical elements, infused with a hint of Latin rock influence, creating a sound that is as unique as it is ensnaring. Shadow Woman effortlessly showcases Pan de Muerto’s ability to navigate complex musical landscapes while maintaining a visceral, darkly poetic edge. Their latest release not only reinforces their place in the alt-rock scene but also promises a future rich with innovative sonic sorcery.

Shadow Woman was officially released on April 14; stream the single on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast