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Moon P releases newest track Nigga-Ish: A truthful and catchy Rap piece

Moon P has recently dropped his newest track ‘Nigga-Ish’ a combination of Hip-Hop and Rap, truthful lyrics and a hard-hitting rhythmn is what he has to offer on this one.

So many sound effects intertwine together in the background, from high-pitched noises, to electronic style voices, as well as the use of repeating lyrics back and forth. It all goes so well together, the tone of the voice and the pace of the instrumentals.

It’s not too in your face, it’s not too manic, it’s the perfect combination and it’s one that is entertaining to listen to, with it’s high-energy beats and a combination of different sounds, it’s one that many fans of Rap will love.

Moon P has released something that gives off this insane amount of energy, has instrumentals that fit so well with the vocals and the overall approach and it’s impressive to see, one to definitely check out for sure!

Listen to Moon P’s new track Nigga-Ish now by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall