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Free-thinker Palma Ada returns with funky Party Pop ‘’Straight Lines’’

My Mama said my first steps I took to get away, gotta know how things are made. ‘Palma Ada’ doesn’t conform to normal ways of thinking. Her website attests to that. Ada likes to do things differently and not be put into any box. For this, you have to respect her vision and she comes out swinging with her new Party/Pop single ‘’Straight Lines’’. With a cat purring in the background, this song is definitely not kitty litter.

A relatively new artist, who seems to enjoy the private life and for people not to know where she is from. After only being a published musician for 2 years, Alda has a powerful voice and her vibe reminds me of Jesse Reyez for some reason.

 ‘’Straight Lines’’ is the lead single from her debut EP of the same name. This style will win her many fans and let’s hope she can stay on the straight & narrow and not get caught up in the tempting ways of the music business.

This is the follow up to her dance infused ‘’Sister’’ from 2018 and the difference is quite striking. The standard has improved dramatically and she is definitely going in the right direction now. Palma suits this style of music as she can use her strong voice and honest lyrics to win fans over. She is also very honest and just wants to show us that you don’t have to fit a normal style to be successful.

Listen to Palma’s whole collection here on her Spotify account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen