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For The NHS: Lockestock support the cause with their exciting debut single ‘Mind Blowing’

As 50% of all track sales are going to the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, Lockestock dip our souls into the beautiful ocean with their lovely debut single called ‘Mind Blowing‘.

Lockestock are a Paignton, UK-based father and son duo who make that deeply intertwined indie-pop type music. They have strongly curated vocals and you feel uplifted by their energy.

Formed by Alex on vocals, who was in a well-known boyband back in the 90’s and his dad Kevin (formally known as Scott Wilder), an established DJ, band manager, and vocalist himself.

This debut single by Lockestock is an uplifting pop track that has the sound of riding on the party waves of a nice hot summer. The type of song full of heart you can sing along with, dance, and forget about what is going on around you for a while. Lockestock wanted to lift people, not with a track they want, but a track they need.” – Lockestock

This is a song sung with so much shooting star love, as you feel your soul brushing away the self-doubt and feeling much better again. The vocals are kind and loving – with a catchy beat meshed in handily – that has you thinking we live in a peaceful world, like we all should.

Mind Blowing‘ from the creative father and son duo from the UK called Lockestock, shows us a team that are fighting for the right thing in this rather challenging climate. With their kind gesture of donating to an organization who have been stretched mightily recently – they bring in a fresh wind with perfect timing – that just makes you want to jump into the air, as you fly free again.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen