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Josh Coker releases introspective debut single ”Alone Again”

Self-proclaimed Bedroom musician Josh Coker streams through our speakers with his debut Electronic song called ”Alone Again”. This feels like a song created due to COVID-19, as he vividly describes how he feels right now with a lack of energy and the feeling that his world is spinning from all the time alone and over-thinking in his bedroom.

Feeling the bad energy around him, Josh is clearly in his own head. This feeling is totally understandable due to the current situation. This solo musician is trying to wrap his head around everything and has turned to music to help. A wise choice indeed. Feeling overwhelmed is completely natural in 2020.

With a strong voice, intriguing lyrics and lively skills in production, Josh Coker pulls out all the stops here to get his debut single noticed. He has achieved that in every way possible on ”Alone Again”, as Josh punches way above his weight while showing his self-aware mindset and youthful creativity of the highest order.

Stream the Spotify debut of this promising young artist.

Review by Llewelyn Screen