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The First Chapter: Kiss Kanoo impresses on electric new journey to start fresh with ‘Outta Time’

Whilst sending us a pulsating synthwave beat that streams blood from her eye, Kiss Kanoo moves away from those who have sucked away her kind energies for their own selfish gains on ‘Outta Time‘.

Kiss Kanoo is a striking London, England-based, Italian-born, USA and Australia-raised indie dark-pop artist. She has a focused mysterious edge to her and is always looking to evolve the music style, to exciting new levels of intrigue.

Outta Time is about giving chances to the wrong people who end up taking advantage of you, mercilessly. We all encounter these type of people in our lives, but in this case they are running out of time, ‘Outta Time’ because it’s time to cut them off. I wanted to conceptualize this message with rolling waves of synth leads, moody atmospherics and crisply delivered vocals.” – Kiss Kanoo

This is a terrific music video that shows her intent, her voice is meaningful and full of frustration with this situation she wants to close the door on, as he are let into a wave of soundscapes that has your heart beating faster and nodding your head to the breathtaking beat.

Outta Time‘ from the absorbing Fashionista and London-based dark-pop artist Kiss Kanoo, has us looking upwards to find peace from our decisions. Some people just don’t deserve our time and need to be left in the dark, as we move to the welcoming light and switch them off for good. The soul needs good humans to elevate, otherwise you will only go into a downward spiral forever.

See this quality video on YouTube and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen