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Getting that fresh perspective: ImaniCarolyn jumps in the jeep on ‘Outside’ and sings with such genuine love

ImaniCarolyn has been inside for too long and sings about venturing ‘Outside‘ with her friends via her heartbroken new single, that will have you thinking so deeply.

Dallas, Texas R&B/Soul singer-songwriter/guitarist/producer Savannah Rowe aka ImaniCarolyn, is a truly sweet and tender young woman who is a stunning musician that sings with such love and perspective.

The song starts off with an atmospheric guitar style that instantly puts you in a mood to sway your head and take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. We are then introduced to a soulful singer with such a crystal clear voice that projects an artist finding herself in this crazy world, full of distractions and being stuck inside with most schools, shops and offices bolted shut. She shows us inside her magnificent mind that has been overthinking and trying to work out what went wrong-instead of what is going right.

Outside‘ from Texas R&B/Soul musician ImaniCarolyn¬†is such a real song, full of lyrics that put you right into the picture of what is happening in the world as we speak. Her supreme talent is endless and if she can somehow find her way out of her head and stay focused on her music- she can achieve and be anything she wants to be.

Life can be wild sometimes but if you believe in yourself enough and know where you want to go, the journey getting there is a fun ride as you smile and wave at the doubters. Being outside with good friends is important too, as breathing in that fresh air and clearing your mind for the negativity, can only help you fly high and be at one with the world.

Hear this incredible single on Spotify and see her eye-catching style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen