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Give Em Every That I Need: Death Cult Electric looks for the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes on Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds

With thunderous energy which might rattle many eardrums into full alertness, Death Cult Electric swarm all speakers and leaves a little sting to deal with too on their venomous new single Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds.

Death Cult Electric is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie alternative rock band who are known for their appealingly aggressive live shows which shall elevate the soul into a euphoric place.

The vocals chaotically scream and boast outlandish yet incomphrensible proclamations to the backdrop of fuzzed-out guitars that sound mad with power. Never has something sounded so anti-establishment as it does corporately evil.” ~ Death Cult Electric

Roaring through with that Welsh passion and excellent spundscape to get lost inside, Death Cult Electric must be one of the most thrilling bands in the UK right now. They are that good.

Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds from Cardiff, Wales-based indie alternative rock band Death Cult Electric is one of those rare moments when a song truly delivers. Smashing walls down and never letting up for a second, as we float rather quickly into what is possible in life if there is enough intensity involved.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen