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Out of the Way

A new talent shines through: Chris Potter is ready for this exciting journey and asks doubters to get ‘Out of the Way’ on debut seven-track EP

His debut album had a few technical hiccups on the way to our curious ears, but Chris Potter certainly made the wait highly worth it, on the stupendously performed and produced seven-track EP named ‘Out of the Way‘.

Chris Potter is a soulful Los Angeles-based indie singer-songwriter, audio engineer and producer who creates that special mix of music that incorporates his thoughtful energy and encapsulating melodies, to formulate that magnificent rare authentic sound that gives you hope again.

All seven track are of equal quality and a particular mention must be made of ‘It Was Love‘ (ft. Margot Jezerc), which is a sweetly mixed bundle of genuine joy, that fills your heart with such happiness. Their vocals mesh like smooth wine and creamy cheese, as the taste in your mouth after listening to this single is one that you won’t forget easily.

Another gem is without doubt ‘Used To‘, as it captures that raw love feeling that has you thinking about past encounters with those special souls, that were so perfect, until you ran into various issues that took away the spark forever.

See A Way‘ is the third highlight from the new EP, as it adds a positive tone to break away from the heartbreak and fills you up with hope that love can indeed be simple and fun, just the way it should be.

Chris has that pureness in his voice that you don’t hear too often and somehow manages to effortlessly lather your anxious senses into feeling safe again and helps you drift away to a peaceful place, where everything around is calm and loving.

Out of the Way‘ from the multi-talented LA artist and producer Chris Potter, brings forth that extra sweet care and stunning creative energy that makes you forget about the doom and gloom. You get lost in time on this memorable EP that is a hug to the heart when it was most needed, from an authentic artist with only good intentions.

Hear this assortment of goodness on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen