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Keep Your Cool: Gothenburg-based soul artist Otson reminds us to look up and enjoy the ‘Sunshine’

With a bluesy ambience radiating through the clouds above our mindset to bring a much clearer perspective to proceedings, Otson shows us that by keeping that temperature just right you can achieve anything you set your heart to with ‘Sunshine‘.

Otson is the alias of the Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie-soul/blues musician and mightily skilled music producer Otto Nilsson.

We feel so welcomed by a really talented musician who projects his positive message to the world, which is intertwined into your thrilling consciousness. The lyrics are so well written and the melodies catch you feeling so much more positive than before – which is only a blessing in this wind-filled world – that can shake you around like a rollercoaster at any moment.

Sunshine‘ from the energetically proficient Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie-soul solo artist and music producer Otson, is that ravishing ray of fresh air that comes in after a long stormy and unfulfilling year. He sings with such a likeable style and has you thinking that anything is actually possible, despite what happened before in the past.

This is one of those truly absorbing tracks – that has your happy heart warmed by all the heat – which your healing body just needs to capture before the rains come down again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen