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JUICEB☮X Releases Laid Back Rap Track “Egyptian Pools”

JUICEB☮X is a laid-back lyricist and rap music could always use more lyricists. His track, “Egyptian Pools,” produced by Jinsang is a mellow lyrically driven piece with a laid-back chorus that inadvertently leaves the listener bobbing to the beat. The track isn’t trap music, it isn’t mumble rap instead it’s a young thinker attempting to describe the world as he sees it. Its metaphorically precise, and when JUICEB☮X mentions his vulnerability with “cupid,” he speaks with the sincerity of Goodie Mob’s  Cee-Lo on “Beautiful Skin.”

But don’t write this off as a love song, this song is a wavy ride through the mind of a young lyrical genius, delving into love, life, heartbreak, and the balance of it all. I love the musical prowess of the track, the way JUICEB☮X effortlessly rides the subtle bassline like a pro, providing just enough musical eargasm to leave the listener begging for more. The chorus sums it up, “… even if my sun don’t shine, everything is fine.” Excellent track.