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Orizon made his disconcertingly disquiet debut with his avant-garde genre-evasion, WORMNO.1

Orizon’s debut single ‘WORMNO.1’ is a bold, genre-defying escapade that challenges the very fabric of musical norms. This avant-garde piece is a manifesto of Orizon’s unbridled creativity and audacious vision. From the outset, ‘WORMNO.1’ captivates with a cascade of keys, reminiscent of the haunting tones of the ‘Clockwork Orange’ soundtrack. It’s a journey that begins in classical territory but quickly diverges into a realm where hip-hop beats and neo-classical elements coalesce into something entirely new. Orizon’s dark, mantra-like vocals serve as a grounding force amidst the chaos, offering a comforting anchor in this storm of sound.

Listening to ‘WORMNO.1’ is akin to imagining Glenn Branca’s ‘The Ascension’ reimagined with a hip-hop heartbeat. The track is a testament to Orizon’s ability to bend genres to his will, creating a soundscape that is as disquieting as it is mesmerising. The juxtaposition of classical serenity and hip-hop’s raw energy creates a disarming effect, reflecting the tumultuous nature of human emotions and relationships.

Orizon’s debut album, ‘RADIO (INPINK)’, promises to be a journey through love’s many stages, with ‘WORMNO.1’ setting the tone for this exploration through a blend of anarchy, sophistication, and a touch of synth supervillainy.

In ‘WORMNO.1’, Orizon laid down the gauntlet for the future of music. It’s a bold statement from an artist unafraid to venture into uncharted territories. As the final notes fade, one thing is clear: Orizon is not just here to play music; he’s here to change the game.

WORMNO.1 was officially released on the 2nd of January; stream the track on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast