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The three Andrews fire it up: Virginia rockers Bandrew heat up the speakers on ‘Color Me Burnt’

Dropped from the guitar-smashing album ‘In the Meantime‘, Bandrew light the fuse and fire in with the excellent ‘Color Me Burnt‘.

Bandrew are a three-piece indie-rock band from Richmond, Virginia, that have three Andrew’s that form the band and are like brothers, who make exhilarating music to wake us up and help us to remember those sweaty and small, but legendary live band venues that either makes, or breaks you.

Oregon Hill forged these three music obsessed souls together, in order to mesh a tight bond that has been unbreakable since 2016 and they are currently working on new music during this horrific pandemic, that has stopped live music in its tracks.

This is the story about how some may turn their back to the firefight while others go head first to save others. Maybe its not the best idea but you are going to do what you can, instead of not trying at all.

The ferocious guitar riffs are such a pleasure to hear and this reminds me of the good old days of music. They have so much honesty woven throughout the track and this is the true underdog local act that I can only imagine; leave it all out on stage and drive the crowds wild when live. The driving bass-lines and crashing drums, meshes with the storied vocals and smashes headfirst into your face and gets that dusty body moshing again to this top single.

Bandrew are so ravishingly raw and absolutely riveting on ‘Color Me Burnt‘. With new music on the way, they are a proper band that are close and love playing together. With so many fake posers and flash in the pans out there who don’t last long, this is exactly the type of music that lights up the eyes of the common music fan. These are the people that the band play for and therefore need to be loved and supported while they are still around.

United by sonic purpose, you can’t help but feel inspired when you turn this up to the max.

Rock your windows off with the track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen