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Don’t Be Sad: California electro rockers Orbit 17 wonders why two paths ran away on Helium

Slipping away into a whole new world and blistering up a storm with a superb song, Orbit 17 sits in silence for a while and sends our cores into a spin on the hazy gem that is Helium.

Orbit 17 is a San Jose, California-based indie alternative electro-rock band who loves those tasty hypnotic grooves which might cause hearts palpitating like no other.

A song about all those friends we’ve made but left behind or outgrown. The ones that made huge impacts on our lives, and that we think of from time to time, yet haven’t spoken to in years.” ~ Orbit 17

Cruising to the airport with a super chilled vibe that will calm even the most stressed hearts, Orbit 17 sends us into a whole new galaxy on this road trip essential that is such an undoubted must-listen.

Helium from the San Jose, California-based indie alternative outfit Orbit 17 is one of those experiences which are hard to explain unless you have closed your eyes for the full 4 mins 39 seconds. Soaked in so much wonder and memorable vocals to swim inside, this is a rare timeless anthem for our souls to feel replenished by.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen