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Ptree shows us a lost love story on ”One Thing”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the home of singer-songwriter Ptree. He is back with his new song that is called ”One Thing”.

This is a love story that doesn’t end well sadly. She is looking for one thing and we never get to know what that is. Maybe that’s the whole point of the story? Sometimes there is one thing that always holds us back in life and in relationships.

There is a lovely tune here and the background vibe is very indie-rock. Ptree has strong vocals and impresses here during this sad love story. He is a multi-talented performer that just likes to be on stage and make people happy.

This is the follow up to ”Loved By You” and this is a terrific indie-folk song that has some bite in it. I like the overall energy and Ptree is improving on each release.

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Stream this lost love single right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen