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Stuck In The Mud: Paranoia Critical opens up the toasty oven with the haunting ‘Devil’s Platter’

Returning with his new single after the recent six-track release named ‘Found Footage‘, Paranoia Critical has our anxious bodies wondering deeply about the contents of the ‘Devil’s Platter‘.

American one-man indie-rock band Paranoia Critical, is an Addison Chapman-created music project. He makes a highly thought provoking mixture of ominous music creations, that unleashes a highly sinister element of dark energy, to have your whole body shaking with anticipation.

The name “Paranoia Critical” comes from a term coined by Salvador Dalí, when he would induce himself into a hallucinogenic state of psychosis. This name represents the band well, as Chapman attempts to explore existential dread and dark subject matter through psychological lenses of music.” ~ Paranoia Critical

His knife-cutting vocals is a blood inducing affair, with a sharp blade cutting through the track to perfectly spine-chilling effect. The beat is highly menacing and utterly threatening to the core of your bones on each second here, as the petrol is added to the fire unwittingly, and the hungry demons are alive and well with devastating results.

Devil’s Platter‘ by the USA-based one-man indie-rock band Paranoia Critical, is a one-eye-always-opened track that will certainly scare many into the bottom of their couches, like a scary movie does. The vocals are striking and hard to hear at times, which only adds fuel to the temptation bonfire to turn up the voltage even more.

This is a spooky single that has your pulses racing off the tracks and into the dirt, as you look around with some deep breaths needed – to keep your soul calm again – after the horror-type movie soundtrack on display here.

Hear this volcano-lit single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen