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Play All Day Dance All Night: Sensational Kansas City singer Olivia Sabates picks up the tempo on the terrific ‘Tengo’

With her team strong and her smile on tight, Olivia Sabates brings us a stunning new single all about how that first sight can lead to something so bright, on the breathtaking visuals for her smash-hit song called ‘Tengo‘.

Olivia Sabates is a highly motivated and supremely talented Kansas City indie-pop singer-songwriter with an intoxicating Latino flair, who makes that sweetly created music that is uptempo and sung with a classy grace always.

Influenced by legends such as Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, and Beyoncé, this young singer also played soccer, field hockey and gymnastics, whilst always wanting to be a world class musician who entertains the world with her stunning array of vocals. She believes in her abilities and this comes across in her music delivery.

This is the sweet story about meeting someone when you are out with friends who has that spark in their eyes that you like. You feel that they truly get you and this will be an experience with someone genuine, real and trustworthy, as you feel your heart beating quicker and want to be with them all night long.

Tengo‘ from the dazzling Kansas City indie-pop singer Olivia Sabates, is the kind of song that lifts you off your feet, as you get lost in her beautifully trained voice, you remember that life can be so pure and simple, if you really want it to be.

See this vibrant music video on YouTube and fellow her rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen