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Tell Me How You Feeling: Oli Ng is feeling sick as a dog on Haunted House

All outta luck and wondering where the next happy moment will be, Oli Ng tries to move far from the buzzing sound on the am-I-a-sinner-or-a-saint mystery which is slowly showing the real light on Haunted House.

Oli Ng is a Crewe, Cheshire-based indie rock singer-songwriter who has a gloriously compelling vocal ability which is matched by refreshingly honest lyrics to marvel at.

Taken off the 10-track debut album Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens, Oli Ng has brought a ray of hope for those who have grown so anxious inside a home that feels rather creepy right now. Delivering for the people and showing us this quality experience, this is a stunning track to admire for its true frankness.

Haunted House from the Crewe, Cheshire, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter is one of those songs which is surely impossible to dislike. This is a massively unforgettable song to sweep us off our feet, and into a better room which is away from those strange noises which refused to quieten.

Moving away from the dreaded darkness and into the light, this is a must-listen in 2023.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen