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”Whoop” the summer open with Okayyy Bee & Les Simple

South Jersey Hip Hop duo Okayyy Bee & Les Simple are here to open up summer with an absolute bang. They have lifted up the gate and smashed through with their blend of fast paced Hip Hop.

The flows are powerfully constructed and they make their intentions known quickly. This duo feel like this is their summer to claim the respect and rewards that come with having a hot track on the streets.

Whoop” is a party track that gives us a birds eye view of Okayyy Bee & Les Simple and their current mindset. They feel on fire and very confident at the moment to say the least. The mission is to make us much money as possible and feel like they have nothing to prove or lose. This song feels like a tease here as they are just getting started. These two friends have just joined forces and feel like this is a good combo to get them up to the top of the Hip Hop game. With a good beat here and some fiery lyrics, these two are on the plane headed to club moon. Their talents can take them as far as Elon Musk’s rockets.

Stream the South Jersey emcees here on their Spotify page as they start their journey as a Hip Hop duo.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen