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Find Chemistry in Every Groove of Odillia and Snoop Dogg’s Single “Break it Down”

Netherlands-born, LA-based artist Odillia’s alluring crossover of Hip Hop and Pop has seen her scouted by the team behind Nelly, featuring on MTV, and now, she’s linked up with Snoop Dogg to create her latest single Break it Down.

As the track progresses, you’ll find yourself wondering who brings the most sensuality to the soundscape. You’ll find chemistry in each and every groove as Odillia and Snoop Dogg set up a sticky-sweet love story which bleeds sincerity through the realism in the narrative.

Break it Down ardently explores the frustration of trying to pull someone onto the same page. You’ll get caught up in the whirlwind as the non-linear lyrics run through, seismically shifting from frustration to lust and back again.

There is also plenty of tactile passion oozing from the visceral bass-riding beats, offering a dizzying amount of rhythmic transfixion. In other words, it’s a radio-ready earworm which won’t quickly be lost to Hip Hop history.

You can check out Break it Down which was released on October 2nd for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast