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Never Settle: I-am-us sees no reason to stop on WHEELS FALL OFF

Sliding onto that beast mode and delivering his zero tolerance for anything getting in the way of success, I-am-us shows us the grit needed to keep the money flowing no matter what on WHEELS FALL OFF.

I-am-us is a Seattle, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter who loves to push the boundaries on what is actually possible in life despite the odds stacked against him.

With a grind-now mentality like none other witnessed so far this year, I-am-us shows the kids what is required in this fast-changing world. Sung and rapped with real insight and demonstrating a rather smart mindset, we find a release made to open up the eyes of those who have lost their edge.

WHEELS FALL OFF from the vibrant Seattle, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter I-am-us is a hustle song for the ages and doesn’t hide away from that fact. Replenished with a thoughtful melody and packed with so much to be inspired by, this is an anthem for anyone who knows that grind world all too well.

When you’re in form and looking upwards, the future shall always look bright.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen