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You Win Again Gravity – And the winner is….

The fabulously named You Win Again Gravity are one of those bands that more you dissect and try to unpack the music, the more you wonder just how they fit some many ideas, so many genres, bend so many rules and jump so many musical boundaries, all in such a small space. Grace and Focus is Tardis music, seemingly easily defined from the outside but mind-bogglingly expansive once you get inside the door.

Most post-hardcore bands follow fairly well defined lines, all grunt and no grace, all brutality and no beauty, You Win Again Gravity are just the band to redress such a balance. Yes, at their sonic far end they have no shortage of heavy, bombastic sounds and guttural growling, but what is more interesting than merely being amazed at their top end performance is how they get there. And they get their through musical textures which are progressive without being mere technical show boating, through the deft melodics that link between music set pieces, through meandering riffs which are interesting rather than histrionic. This is the sound of Post-Hardcore music growing up, finding its feat and joining the musical conversation. I guess we will need to find a more eloquent name for it now.