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This Is Life by Qro: Naked truth, raw reality and real Hip-Hop.

Like any social movement, Hip-Hop has adapted successfully to its surroundings and evolved, morphed and grown into a representation of the times. Some would argue, that in its growth, its original message has often been watered down and packaged for the masses. Inequality, racial disparity, economic barriers, and police brutality have been sidelined for sex, drugs, money and the aspiration for all three.

‘This Is Life’  by talented artist, Qro, is the perfect track for Hip-Hop lovers everywhere.  His lyrical content is reminiscent of the early greats – Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, NWA but his style is fresh and today. His beats and his flow are forward thinking and, without a doubt, Qro is a relevant voice. He pulls back the curtain to life as a black man in America and describes tragedy, redemption and hope succinctly and effortlessly. He holds no punches and refuses to sugarcoat his experiences. ‘This Is Life’ is pure Hip-Hop at its best.

Listen to “This Is Life’ by Qro, here at Spotify and tell us what you think. You wont be disappointed.

Review by Susan Harriott