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Kweku Bandit cinematically reimagined London’s streets in his urban tale of triumph, Nowhere

You may think you know London’s streets but once you see them from a different point of view in Kweku Bandit’s official music video for his latest rap hit, Nowhere, your perception of the cityscape will take a seismic shift after you acknowledge how they can be the breeding ground to success stories rather than just battlegrounds for class wars.

The conceptually compelling music video, which has already racked up over 24k streams since its debut on January 19, depicts Kweku Bandit on a rags-to-riches character arc. The orchestrally laced instrumentals bring a touch of film noir glamour to the track that sees Kweku Bandit bringing as much rhythm in his Dancehall-inspired bars as the snappy beats that heighten the energy of the hit that will give you all the inspiration you need to stay on your grind. The track is as essential as it is phenomenal; as Kweku Bandit exposits, the road to success often moves people out of your corner and in the rearview mirror. If fake friends fall by the wayside, you can always lock into the inspiration that pours from this seminal hit.

Despite the flashy iconography in the music video to depict an ascent through the economic ranks, nothing about Nowhere feels like a flex; the sense of soul that radiates from Kweku’s persona translates into an affirmation that anywhere can be the land of opportunity if you’re willing to reach for it and refuse to be a victim to circumstance.

Stream the official music video for Nowhere on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All isn’t fair in love and war in Orval Hill’s progressively immense alt EDM hip hop single, Nowhere

After a strikingly sombre alt-pop prelude complete with beckoningly harmonic vocal lines which pull you into the emotion of the release, Orval Hill’s latest feat of ‘schizo rap’, Nowhere, slams right into a body-rocking EDM hip hop anthem with scuzzy bass-drenched beats to pound your speakers to oblivion around the minor key piano stabs.

Nowhere is the ultimate testament to Orval Hill’s ability to wildly juxtapose the next progression against the last to accurately portray the off-kilter nature of the human mind. We like to fool ourselves that we’re rational creatures, but we rarely let logic get in the way of emotion. Orval Hill stays true to our animalistic proclivities while delivering contrasting declarations to prove that all isn’t fair in love and war. If anything encapsulates the clusterfuck of dating in the modern age, it’s the off-kilter exposition within Nowhere.

Nowhere is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast