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The Time Is Now: Jernej Zoran has us feeling motivated again on the ‘Great Wide Open’

With five albums and two EP’s in the last decade, Jernej Zoran brings his Pink Floyd, Queen, Jeff Beck, and The Beatles influences to the forefront of our consciousness, with his new instrumental single which has you thinking of roaming joyously outside in the nature-filled fields again with ‘Great Wide Open‘.

Jernej Zoran is a prolific indie rock songwriter, guitarist, arranger, and music producer who was born in the former Yugoslavia and grew up in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Taken off his new eight-track album ‘What Happens If I Press This Button?‘, you feel his well-respected experience shine like so brightly here, on a performance which showcases his immense skill set on the trusty guitar.

It feels like his creative mind is excited about the possibilities right now, and this is one of those nostalgic-sounding tracks which gives you a natural boost of energy – as you carefully contemplate going out to where the birds are – so you may be inspired to fly yourself again into the world of chase and chance. Made with a classic edge that could be from another time altogether, you feel like this is an artist who appreciates the past, as much as the future.

Great Wide Open‘ from the skilled Slovenian indie rock guitar maestro Jernej Zoran, is an expressive solo riff-enthused instrumental experience that has you calmly frolicking into the beautiful scenic outdoors, to reclaim your land again. This is a wonderfully constructed piece of art which has you feeling a tad more excited than before – as a mightily skilled guitarist takes us for a journey to see what is now actually possible – after being locked inside our lonely cages for too long.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen