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brx – Not Sorry!: An Acoustic Punk Anthem for the Disenchanted

Brooks Oliver, known musically as brx, has carved a niche in the punk rock scene with his latest single, ‘Not Sorry!‘. This track, a standout from his upcoming home studio album “It’s Pronounced Brooks“, is set to resonate with fans of The Quireboys and the Dogs D’amour, while also appealing to a broader audience of rock enthusiasts.

‘Not Sorry!’ is a raw, unapologetic anthem that captures the essence of punk. The gruff, punk-pierced vocal lines, laid over simple acoustic guitar chord structures, reach the epitome of the genre.

Lyrically, brx delves into themes of nihilistic misanthropy, articulating a sentiment of frustration and defiance that’s palpable in every line. It’s more than just a cathartic release; it’s a potent source of vindication for anyone tired of suffering under the weight of societal expectations and the frustration of the balance of inauthentic and idiotic interactions.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Andrea Dee sings with vigor on ‘Not Sorry’

Stunning singer Andrea Dee sings with such passion on the indie-pop statement to the world: ‘Not Sorry‘.

With a wild frame of songwriting, singer Andrea Dee invites us briefly into her wonderful world of love, passion, heartbreak, and vulnerability. Her music is always an honest take on life, the journey, and the process plus everything in the middle.

Andrea Dee is a London based producer, singer-songwriter, performer and composer, originally from Paris, France. Now in London, she is on a mission for her music to be heard all over the world.

Not Sorry‘ from Andrea Dee is a story of not accepting people that don’t really get you. You know what you want and like and aren’t taking anything less in life. You feel like you are being put in a corner and can’t express yourself.

Andrea Dee sings so well on ‘Not Sorry‘. I can’t wait to see her live and hear this tremendous talent up close and personal. She has such a fine voice and I like the meaning behind this song. We need to be free and wild, not locked in.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen