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WD-HAN evoke rock n roll nostalgia while paying an ode to the compassionate in ‘Good Man’

It has been a while since a track evoked tears and chills in me; WD-HAN did all that and more with their latest soulfully nostalgic rock n roll single, Good Man, which was officially released on April 7.

Somewhere between Buckley and Springsteen, the sentimentally humble single starts with an acoustic intro before the track builds into an orchestrally full-bodied rock rendezvous. Yet the same emotional intensity from the prelude runs right into the outro after the colossally arresting alt-rock crescendo.

Lyrically, it is such a bitter-sweet reminder of how this world chews up and spits out the most sensitive dreamers that traipse across the jagged teeth of their landscapes but the soulful optimistically bright vocal performance gives a potent shot of persuasion that you should stick to your compassionate guns. The conceptually layered single also touches on the paradox of the best of us being full of self-doubt and those proclaiming to be good is often a major red flag.

Stream Good Man on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Terry McGee – Falling for You: Sensually Hypnotic 80s Rock

Artist, composer and producer Terry McGee has made an ever-lasting impression on the airwaves with their distinct guitar driven retro sound. You’ll get to hear the best of it by hitting play on the standout track “Falling for You” which can be found on their 2020 album “Beside Myself”.

If you love your aural nostalgia served with a side of ingenuity, you’ll find it all too easy to become enamoured by Terry McGee’s tonally hypnotic instrumentals which are complemented by their 80s Pop-style vocals.

Any fans of Brian Adams and Hughey Lewis and the News will be left with no choice when it comes to falling into the amorously emotive soundscape, although I’m not entirely sure which brings more sensual appeal, the vocals or the solos.

You can check out Falling for You along with the rest of Terry McGee’s album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast