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Nomina releases catchy and upbeat track Fetish Daddy

Artist Nomina has dropped single ‘Fetish Daddy’, embracing that Pop style giving off this real feel good feeling as you listen with the super energetic high energy beats that flow throughout.

The melody that comes together for this piece is for sure a highlight, it’s exciting and cheerful, making each second enjoyable to listen to. Adding in the sound of the trumpet, the drum taps and the soothing chant that lies over instrumentation as the vocals are lowered in volume as the rhythm begins to overtake it as it comes to an end.

It’s one of them tracks that will constantly be stuck in your head, and the way the beat pulsates through making sure it’s kept vigorous and pulling many elements from the genre of Pop, creating this piece that lifts your spirits as you listen.

Check out Nomina Fetish Daddy by heading on over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall