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Alabama Singer-songwriter Noel Johnson NDJ is in glorious form on ‘So Out of Style’

Noel Johnson NDJ is a is an Americana singer-songwriter artist from Birmingham in Alabama and he returns with his new single called ‘So Out of Style‘.

This is one of those songs that just gets better and better. Noel shows us his powerful voice and real soul that you can’t teach. You are either born with it or not. He is a fine singer who is improving after each release and we are on the journey of the ultimate underdog here.

I love ‘So Out of Style‘ from Noel Johnson NDJ as it is honest and songs like this are so rare these days.

Finding a place for positive energy and peace in this crazy world is so hard to find. Luckily we have found the light and stories about the planet are sung with an experienced look at things all around us. This is a singer-songwriter who has found himself and trusts his whole heart into this fantastic single.

So Out of Style‘ is almost 7 minutes long and this is such an enjoyable single. The world can be a tough place and our faith is tested each day, no matter what we believe. Noel Johnson NDJ helps us with this path to self-awareness and this is one of the best indie songs of 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen