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Face to Face: Nicholas Dante feels rather conflicted but free on Breathe

Afraid of the beast within and this electrically stimulating dance slider, Nicholas Dante gains potency from the lurking shadows and has dropped a song so mesmerizing it will cause heart pulsations on Breathe.

Nicholas Dante is an emerging Brooklyn, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter who loves nothing more than fusing electronic sounds and avant-garde art together.

By consistently utilizing high concept theming with cinematic & historical sonic influences, Nicholas Dante is using intricate production to craft a world of his own.” ~ Nicholas Dante

Dazzling with so much creatively instinctive juice to marvel at, Nicholas Dante is rather fantastic on this hot new single to shake an iron with. Gosh, there is a ravishing soundtrack inside this ear-soothing experience to get shivers over.

Breathe from Brooklyn, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter Nicholas Dante is a shape-shifting new single to get rather exhilarated inside. Drenched in a whirlwind of emotions and taking us for a revealing ride, this is an up-close experience which might result in a few blushes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nicholas Dante incited a sonic insurgence with his harsh electro-art pop debut, Rebellion

The Brooklyn-based artist, Nicholas Dante, brought the uprising we’ve all been waiting for in his electro-art pop debut single, Rebellion.

The hyper-pop elements melded with harsh electro synthetics allow industrial tones to go pop in the insurgently promising debut that the world is already paying attention to. After making light work of putting momentum behind the debut, the Avant Garde originator will undoubtedly become a landmark fixture in the future of pop.

Beyond the cinematic production, the experimentalist holds reverence to pop pioneers, naming Britney Spears, Madonna, and Janet Jackson as his main aural influences, which goes a fair way in explaining the hooky proclivities of the track that will push your speakers to their limits.

Jump on the sonic insurrection by streaming Rebellion on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nicholas Dante – Enemy: A Pop Act That Doesn’t Need to Be A Guilty Pleasure

Who doesn’t love a bit of deep & dirty Pop?

God knows there’s not much of it about these days, thankfully New York based Pop artist Nicholas Dante has mastered the art of generating pounding beats that just about everyone can get behind, wherever you are, in the club or in your car, the beat is infectious, and his expression is truly a pleasure to revel in.

Enemy is a synergetic synth pop mixed, bursting with basslines that make this track a cut above the rest, the perfect remedy for those winter blues, the drops in the track are almost surreal

You can taste the feverous passion behind his vocal delivery in his latest track, which has come off his brand-new album Echoic. Whilst his vocal range isn’t spectacular, and the lyrics aren’t that adventurous, Dante still managed to pull of a blinder of a track. He’s definitely achieved his mission of putting out music worth listening to by combining elements of 80’s Synth Pop with a contemporary resounding sound with dance elements.

Check out Enemy along with the rest of Dante’s tracks via the Soundcloud link below: