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wigb shows us his visual skills on ‘REACH’

REACH’ is the brand new visually pleasing track from the awe-inspiring Wigb.

Wigb is an artist to keep your eyes on. He creates amazing and inspiring visuals alongside a wonderful tapestry of sound. His style bends genres and mixes elements of from many. The story is only just beginning as he is new in the game but has the right idea when it comes for videos. I can see lots of solo artists, DJ’s and band’s asking for help with music video. With YouTube being massive, video are so vital to get your message out there to the world.

I love the visuals on this instrumental and the sounds are like a video game intro. This is a unique video and I can’t take my eyes off this. The creative energy is tremendous on this release and with more on the way, we need to watch closely.

Wigb makes his name on ‘REACH’ and this is just plain epic.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


AkaMicLarry returns with powerful Hip Hop video for ”George Floyd”

AkaMicLarry is a Colombian born indie artist, freelance music producer, videographer and graphic design artist who has just dropped his visuals for ”George Floyd”.

AkaMicLarry who moved to London with his family when he was young as a refugee, sends out quite the powerful tribute to the sad loss of George Floyd. This song details exactly what happened and the absolute frustration with the local police force. The visuals here are striking with the the protests out in the streets and what is really going on out there.

George Floyd” is a huge statement and the rhymes from AkaMicLarry are of like a freestyler who is making a  raw song with tight flows. This is a Hip Hop charged video and song with a massive message of unity against atrocious acts against the Black community. Black Lives Matter and the huge support has left tremors blowing all the way around the world. Hopefully this song AkaMicLarry helps educate those that think with about anything else they have read or watched on TV.

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