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Ernesto Nobili Melancholically Etched the Sweetest Ambient Neo-Classic Guitar Serenade with ‘Roma’

Ernesto Nobili

25 years as a composer, producer, and session musician, condensed into a poignantly ambient classical guitar score; Ernesto Nobili’s single, Roma, allows gentle tenacity to give way to intricately etched cinematic magnetism.

While I never thought I would hear a melancholia rival to Glen Hansard’s soundtrack to Once, the Italian composer took influence from the 60s and 70s Italian film to timelessly celebrate the style and soul of the breathtakingly romantic mise en scenes.

Throughout the entire duration, I found myself torn between the micro-expressions of ennui and the profound beauty within the instrumental piece. Nobili professes not to be a virtuoso, but I haven’t heard many guitarists out there with the same ability to pull emotion out of acoustic timbre quite so intuitively.

Check out Ernesto Nobili on SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alex Spencer has released his arrestingly sinister neo-classic score, Tachycardia

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Alex Spencer, made his debut earlier this year with his neo-classically polyphonic instrumental track, A Brief Intro; with his latest release, Tachycardia, he’s moved into trepidation-laden Bernard Herrman territory.

With the unnerving strings and bleakly carnivalesque arpeggios, Tachycardia is almost enough to do what it says on the tin and elevate your heart rate through the arrestingly sinister progressions. After hearing it, the fact that Alex Spencer bounces from one style to the next is almost disappointing. Yet, based on Tachycardia, we’re pretty certain that anything he brings to the airwaves will be nothing less than phenomenal. He’s set the bar exceedingly high for himself. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Tachycardia is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Meet the Tom Waits of this Generation in Vince Chinaski’s Debut Album, Never Painted Black.

Vince Chinaski

Copenhagen’s most prodigal up and coming singer-songwriter, Vince Chinaski, has released his debut album, Never Painted Black, which opens on the title single and instantly arrests you in the Avant-Garde neo-classically inclined feat of psych, jazz and folk.

Without any hint of hyperbole, Vince Chinaski deserves to be just as revered as Tom Waits for the way he pulls new sonic intrigue from a timeless sound. With Louis Armstrong reminiscences in the cinematic jazzy score that flows at a teasingly mellow pace that leaves you desperately eager for the next note, Never Painted Black is beyond absorbing.

Its mind-meltingly artful gravitas becomes even more visceral towards the outro as the Chinaski’s crooning timbre starts turning dark and scuzzy vintage rock guitars feed kaleidoscopic discord into the release.

Chinaski’s debut album will be available to stream on all major platforms from November 26th, 2021.

Check out Vince Chinaski on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Unravel with a.patrick’s consoling modern masterpiece, fray

From the instant you hit play on the Minneapolis vocalist, pianist and producer, a.patrick’s, latest single, fray, your senses surrender to the ethereal quiescence that ensues through this modern masterpiece.

His artful neo-classic style is enough to bring tears to the surface as his accordant harmonies echo above his distinguished piano melodies that carry little, if any, assimilation. The way he leaves himself exposed through his lyrics and gentle vocal presence is enough to feel you feeling just as emotionally naked.

As someone who frequently finds themselves drawn to melancholia in music, I can earnestly say that you’d struggle to find another soundscape as captivating and consoling in equal measure as this beautifully scorned lullaby.

Fray is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Thomas Eggensberger explores the ‘Forgotten Universe’ in his latest cinematic score.

LA-based German composer, orchestrator and songwriter Thomas Eggensberger has composed for film, television, concert music and collaborative art; his accolades are endless and his latest score, ‘Forgotten Universe’, is sure to earn him plenty more.

Forgotten Universe exhibits all of the hallmarks of talent that you would expect from an artist that has toured globally and worked with high-profile names, including Wayne Sharp, Tom Howe and plenty more. But the emotion that bleeds from the wavering orchestral strings in the cinematically profound instrumental score is anything but predictable. The composer made light work of ensuring that by the time you reach the end of this bitter-sweet serenade, your rhythmic pulses will feel at a loss with the silence that follows.

Forgotten Universe is now available to stream via YouTube.

Connect with Thomas Eggensberger via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Billy Moffat has released his symphonic masterpiece, Through the Eyes of God, featuring Davie Brockett.

Scottish-born composer Billy Moffat brought plenty of his experience touring the globe with the show, One Night of Queen, to his latest release, Through the Eyes of God, featuring Davie Brockett on guitar.

Starting with dramatic neo-classic keys, there are no hints in the production to warn that the stunning crescendos will soon give way to over-driven scuzzed-up guitar solos that easily match the furore in an Apocalyptica track. Davie Brockett’s searing solos blazon the professional instrumental score with even more virtuosic stripes.

Though the Eyes of God is, quite literally, a jaw-droppingly symphonic masterpiece that will easily leave you ensnared by the sheer nuance and Moffat’s ability to compose a score that will put your rhythmic pulses under instant command.

The orchestral release is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia

Paul Ettore Tabone takes us to ‘Heaven’

Opening up with some Spanish guitar, Paul Ettore Tabone – a.k.a. The Tenor From Oz – brings us an Italian language operatic version of Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’, as a sampler from his new album ‘This Is Me’.

Paul was given the prestigious ‘Most Promising Voice For Music Theatre’ in both 2007 and 2009 at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, before making his operatic debut in Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto’, a period in West Side Story and Puccini’s ‘Madame Butterfly’, and a four year West End run in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. That operatic heritage and training has stood Tabone in good stead here, his deep, rich resonant tenor voice carrying the song beautifully, the combination with the Italian language lyrical translation transforming a pop-rock classic into something much deeper and more emotional.

You can hear ‘Heaven (Paradiso)’ on Soundcloud; order Paul’s debut album, ‘This Is Me’, from Paul’s website.

Review by Alex Holmes

Sophia James – beautiful, healing hope with ‘Sixty Years’

“Sixty years from today, the earth will have withered away”…Sophia James grew up in Long Beach, California, and that airy chilledness shows through in her music, earning her a place in the coveted ‘Top Ten’ on 2020’s American Idol. ‘Sixty Years’ is a beautiful, piano-based song, down-tempo but not slow, melancholic at times, but not sad, a mixture of jazz, folk, rock, and soul, hopeful, gentle, and charismatic. It’s a lovely record, Sophia’s beautiful vocals rolling and lifting, the lyrics stunning and superb.

It’s genuinely moving and emotive, Sophia’s voice carrying the listener away on a wave of beautiful nostalgia around love and regret, and the way some people are just destined to always be there, one way or another, no matter what – those relationships that you can leave untouched for five years and yet pick up like you only popped out yesterday. Sophia wants to ‘create music that will connect people, move people, and heal people’; in ‘Sixty Years’, she’s done just that. It’s a truly beautiful single.

Hear ‘Sixty Years’ on Spotify; check out Sophia James here or on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Brian Crosby – A Strong Tide of Liberty: An Intimate Take on Neo-Classical

Brian Crosby’s ‘A Strong Tide of Liberty’ may not be an OST to a motion picture film, but the minimalist neo-classic soundscape will evoke plenty of its own imagery as it experiments with your rhythmic pulses and allows you to rehash memories that ring with the same psychological timbre.

It’s a stunning instrumental piano score, and thankfully, there will be plenty more to come from the Irish-based composer in 2021 and beyond. A Strong Tide of Liberty is just one of the singles to feature on their modern and intimate album, ‘Imbrium’.

A Strong Tide of Liberty is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Benjamin Witt has made his neo-classic debut with their album ‘Coming Out of It’

North Carolina-based artist, composer and producer, Benjamin Witt has made their debut with their ambient neo-classic album ‘Coming Out of It’. Any fans of Nils Frahm’s tender melodic touch will want to spend time with this remarkably evocative album which could serve as the OST to Hollywood’s next blockbuster.

The best exhibition of Benjamin Witt’s astuteness when it comes to capturing emotion on piano keys is ‘Running Through It’, a soundscape that quiescently captures a break free from stagnation with tentative steps that guide you towards living instead of existing at the mercy of the universe.

Running Through It is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast