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Ohio rapper BFA Flexx stays on his grind and inspires us all to reach higher on ‘My Mindset’

From seeing so many in his neighbourhood waste all the gifts given to them, BFA Flexx drops a track that should wake up millions in the world to slide swiftly off that couch and jump quickly into action right now on ‘My Mindset‘.

BFA Flexx is a Toledo, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with a smooth flow and is always looking to develop upwards in his chosen craft.

BFA Flexx has always been the underdog, but he’s never minded setting the bar high and reaching for the stars.” ~ BFA Flexx

Gliding above the clouds and impressing with a confident display that has a memorable beat to truly have stuck in your head for hours, BFA Flexx shows us the way to elevate yourself from the smog of small-mindedness that can sadly suffocate so many into mediocrity forever.

My Mindset‘ from Toledo, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist BFA Flexx, sends a real message to all those who have felt stuck and not sure of their actual capabilities. He tells the truth throughout and vows to keep his attitude right no matter what challenges, as he drowns out the voices in his head and stays in the zone with that hardworking outlook that we can all aspire to.

Listen up to the audio on YouTube and see more vibes on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen