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A Sweet Romance: Nottingham’s Di$mal shows us how simple things should be on ‘My LuV’

Expatriating us to a loved up sentimental world that feels so right, Di$mal reminds us that true passion can be so perfectly slow and sequentially innocent to the core on ‘My LuV‘.

Di$mal is a Nottingham, UK-based indie alt-hip-hop/pop artist. He makes the type of music vibrations that takes your hand and leads you into a much simpler place to heal all those traumatic wounds.

Di$mal is on top form with a sensually evocative track which has been made with a cheeky eye wink at that lover who makes you smile constantly – while you brush off all other self-doubts – to bring a sense of joyfulness into your life again after all the drenching rains of before. The hugging-on-the-heart beat is rather succulently exciting and has your tired head grooving around, to bring that summer vibe style into proceedings.

My LuV‘ from the Nottingham, UK-based indie alt-hip-hop/pop Di$mal, is such a soothing song that takes you into a spellbinding mode of sweet kisses and being with that special soul who makes everything better. In a harsh world that can lock your soul away, this is a marvellous effort filled with a first-rate quality that will put you into a happier mood instantly.

Check out this new track via the YouTube channel and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen