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Hummana shows stunning elegance on the culture-rich single CARGA (Burden)

With such a beautifully mood-transforming essence and meticulous care to keep a vital creative movement alive forever, Hummana is rather spellbinding in a superb song to close your eyes with as your mind is finally set free on CARGA (Burden).

Led by the brave Cristina Vieira, Hummana is a Berlin, Germany-based Madeira Island-born Portuguese indie music project who is on a mission to keep the incredible culture of a homeland awake no matter what.

Cristina grew up in the Island’s unique cultural landscape with influences from Portugal, Northern Africa and Northern Europe. She was immersed in the traditions of the island that, nowadays, are quickly disappearing.” ~ Cristina Vieira

Searching for an updated approach to popular poetry and the traditional Madeiran Songbook while never losing its real authenticity, Cristina Vieira and Hummana¬†shall have you wondering why music can’t be as pure as this all the time. Showing so much pride for being a part of a community that is so special, there is an ear-warming effort to appreciate for its fine artistry.

Vocally outstanding and with an ensemble of the highest quality musicians possible, this is a song that shall find you feeling so replenished.

The music of Madeira is simple and wise. It speaks of the pillars of life. It is work-music that is being played to the rhythm of the manual labour that forged the lives of the people of the island. It is also the music with which the Islanders have expressed love, grief and joy.” ~ Hummana

CARGA (Burden) from elegant Madeira Island-born singer-songwriter Hummana is one of the most illuminating songs of the year so far. With important cultural implications attached, this is an immense anthem that shows us all that if you are doing things for the right reason, it usually works out for the best. Great music heals after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Robbie Vonn urges those to forgive who can on ‘La La Life’

Reminding us that love and understanding are actually the way forward to healing from anything which is breaking down your soul, Robbie Vonn shows us where we should be headed on the new single, ‘La La Life‘.

Robbie Vonn is a USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova indie music project that has loveable energy that shall set you free from any previous worries.

Merging the purity of analog instruments with a variety of electronic sounds, Robbie Vonn‚Äôs music is an exploration of art, sound, and evocative lyricism.” ~ Robbie Vonn

Gliding fantastically with a beautiful single that shall have you sensing that life can indeed be better, Robbie Vonn brings the world a truly lovely single that is calming and natural that will bring you some much-needed comfort.

Robbie released his well-received debut EP Hopeless Memories in October 2021, a collaborative project that brought together artists from eight countries to create an evocative and cinematic production.” ~ Robbie Vonn

La La Life‘ from the USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova music project Robbie Vonn, is a stunning song that guides us all through anything that is holding us back in our lives. Forgiveness is key to everything really, as it leads us into a happier place that isn’t loaded with bad energies that can suffocate all your good vibes that needs to be free. Soaring like a bird looking for a comfortable resting place is the key to everything that helps us be content in our souls.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based artist Dicarlo knows what needs to be done to find that success on ‘Princess of Neon’

With a cinematically intricate atmosphere that has you instantly in a reflective mood as you wonder where you are headed, Dicarlo tells us the truth with the honest new release that will leave you gazing into your soul with¬†‘Princess of Neon‘.

Dicarlo is a new music project coming from the creative mind of the Fort Worth, Texas-born singer-songwriter, Vincent DiCarlo.

After 4 years in the making; the debut self-titled EP will be released in four parts.” ~ Dicarlo

Flying high and showing us the new world that has welcomed in a new way of doing things which might cause many to wonder if their hopes will be seethed away in an instant like burnt toast, Dicarlo sings with real intent as he brings his wealth of knowledge to the table Рand warns us to be careful Рfrom getting too sucked into the ravishing waves that can crash all over you.

Princess of Neon‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-born indie singer-songwriter Dicarlo, is a single that will probably shock many but leave others in agreement. With the music landscape changing from those classic days as former heroes are wheeled outside by the back door, this is a wake-up call to those who haven’t evolved and have rather stubbornly stayed stuck in their ways as the world flipped upside down.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck In The Mud: Paranoia Critical opens up the toasty oven with the haunting ‘Devil’s Platter’

Returning with his new single after the recent six-track release named ‘Found Footage‘, Paranoia Critical has our anxious bodies wondering deeply about the contents of the ‘Devil’s Platter‘.

American one-man indie-rock band Paranoia Critical, is an Addison Chapman-created music project. He makes a highly thought provoking mixture of ominous music creations, that unleashes a highly sinister element of dark energy, to have your whole body shaking with anticipation.

The name ‚ÄúParanoia Critical‚ÄĚ comes from a term coined by Salvador Dal√≠, when he would induce himself into a hallucinogenic state of psychosis. This name represents the band well, as Chapman attempts to explore existential dread and dark subject matter through psychological lenses of music.” ~ Paranoia Critical

His knife-cutting vocals is a blood inducing affair, with a sharp blade cutting through the track to perfectly spine-chilling effect. The beat is highly menacing and utterly threatening to the core of your bones on each second here, as the petrol is added to the fire unwittingly, and the hungry demons are alive and well with devastating results.

Devil’s Platter‘ by the USA-based one-man indie-rock band Paranoia Critical, is a one-eye-always-opened track that will certainly scare many into the bottom of their couches, like a scary movie does. The vocals are striking and hard to hear at times, which only adds fuel to the temptation bonfire to turn up the voltage even more.

This is a spooky single that has your pulses racing off the tracks and into the dirt, as you look around with some deep breaths needed – to keep your soul calm again – after the horror-type movie soundtrack on display here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Me Underground: The Quiet Invisible looks for the torturous closure needed on ‘Catacombs’

As he quietly sneaks into the side of your awakened speakers after keeping it on the DL for a while, The Quiet Invisible perks our ears up with his latest single that will put you into a different frame of mind that you have ever encountered on the spooky-like ‘Catacombs‘.

The Quiet Invisible is a Gabe Downey-lead Detroit, Michigan-based music project with a real spike that hairs into your world, like a quickening heartbeat that can’t seem to stop. He makes that mysterious music which has you feeling rather thoughtful, as you open up the layers to see what seeps deep within its dusty surface.

The Quiet Invisible’s music originates from many years of musical exploration and experimentation – as well as guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums.” – The Quiet Invisible

Catacombs¬†are man-made subterranean passageways for religious practice. Any chamber used as a burial place is a catacomb, although the word is most commonly associated with the¬†Roman Empire.” – Wikipedia

Catacombs‘ from the absorbing Detroit, Michigan-based act The Quiet Invisible, shows us a song that might not be for everyone. It is however rather remarkable and extremely unique. His mind is currently thinking about the mission to go below what most of us see, so that he may get that much-desired closure that he needs to move on. In some way or form we all do, as there are people or moments that we would like to have back. Even for a few fleeting seconds. Life goes rather quickly so each moment does indeed matter.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen